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IS-326: Community Tsunami Preparedness

This module is designed to help emergency managers prepare their communities for tsunamis. Lessons include basic tsunami science, hazards produced by tsunamis, regional U.S. tsunami risks, the tsunami warning system, the importance of public education activities, and how to craft good emergency messages and develop tsunami response plans

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IS-362.A: Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools

This course covers basic information about developing, implementing, and maintaining a school emergency operations plan (EOP). The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the importance of schools having an EOP and basic information on how an EOP is developed, exercised, and maintained.

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IS-393.B: Introduction to Hazard Mitigation

Mitigation means taking action to reduce or eliminate long-term risks from hazards and their effects. FEMA has produced a series of courses intended to train those who have responsibility for, or simply interested in, reducing hazard risks in their States, communities, or Tribes.

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