IS-32.A: Mitigation eGrants Internal System

Course Overview

This course is part of the comprehensive training program for the FEMA eGrants system. It is the third in a series of Independent Study (IS) courses for the eGrants and will address the functions in the eGrants Internal System used by FEMA Regional and Headquarters (HQ) staff to administer the Hazard Mitigation (HMA) grant programs.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the eGrants System and Workflows
  • Describe the process for accessing the eGrants Internal System
  • Describe the process for reviewing, approving, and denying of pending external eGrants Applicant user registrations
  • Describe all of the program office’s review and approval processes for applications and sub-applications
  • Describe the process of monitoring federal awards through the review of quarterly reports
  • Primary Audience
  • Whole Community





Course Length:

4 hours

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