IS-1103.A: Elevation Certificate for Surveyors Answers


Which document may not be required to rate insurance for a floodproofed non-residential building?

  • Floodproofing Certificate
  • A certification that the building is watertight with walls impermeable to the passage of water
  • A comprehensive Maintenance Plan for the entire structure
  • Elevation Certificate
  • Photographs of the floodproofing protection to the building

There is not a floodplain administrator or contact for each NFIP participating community.

  • True
  • False

LeAnn is constructing a new commercial building in the floodplain. The slab has been poured, and the floodplain administrator required an EC. Will LeAnn need another EC later?

  • No. LeAnn can continue to use the EC indefinitely.
  • Upon final construction, LeAnn will need another EC.
  • When the next floor is completed, LeAnn will need another EC.

The NFIP Flood Insurance Manual’s Lowest Floor Guide aids in identifying:

  • Where the building is located
  • The proper rate
  • The Lowest Floor Elevation
  • The flood zone

Communities don’t need to worry about reducing local flood risks and flood insurance costs to constituents.

  • True
  • False

Which option may reduce flood risk?

  • Building below the Base Flood Elevation
  • Installing proper flood openings
  • Placing only a corner of the deck in the SFHA

FEMA must approve communities for the floodproofed basement exception. A listing of FEMA-approved communities with floodproofed basements may be found in:

  • The Flood Insurance Manual, CBRS Section
  • The Flood Insurance Manual, Certifications Section
  • The Lowest Floor Guide

The surveyor, architect, or engineer chooses the building diagram that closely resembles the building being certified and enters it where on the EC?

  • Section A, Item 7
  • Section A, Item 9
  • Section A, Item 8

A surveyor, architect, or engineer must be authorized by state law to certify a FEMA Elevation Certificate.

  • True
  • False

Karen McHugh, the floodplain administrator, has completed EC Sections A, B, and C. Is there anything else on the EC for her to complete?

  • Section E
  • Section G
  • Section F

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