IS-11.A: Animals in Disasters: Community Planning Answers


Plans should respect the concerns of people who do not wish to be exposed to animals

  • True

The best disaster preparedness starts at which level?

  • Personal

Which of the following Federal organizations is most likely to provide assistance regarding the safety of livestock feed in a federally declared disaster?

  • Food and Drug Administration

The emergency operations plan functions as a local law.

  • False

A legal agreement among two or more local jurisdictions that plan to assist each other in cases of emergencies is which of the following?

  • Mutual aid agreement

Which of the following government agencies may send veterinary medical assistance teams (VMATs) in the event of an emergency?

  • Department of Health and Human Services

Adding a distinctive smell to odorless liquid propane gas is an example of what type of mitigation activity?

  • Modifying the basic qualities of a hazard

Animals that have been exposed to hazardous materials present no danger to people.

  • False

When confronted by a dog that seems as though it is going to attack you, which of the following actions will most likely reduce the risk of being bitten?

  • Putting something between yourself and the dog

Which method of carcass disposal involves mixing 1 part carcass to 2 parts litter and 1 part straw in alternate layers in a boxed, enclosed area?

  • Composting

Which of the following is NOT accounted for in community damage assessment?

  • Personal items such as photographs

Who is responsible for coordinating the Federal agencies and programs involved in assistance?

  • FEMA

Which of the following is NOT a form of assistance that may be provided following a Presidential disaster declaration?

  • Permanent housing

Holding training sessions for officials with roles in the emergency operations plan is an example of approaching which of the following groups?

  • Private-sector organizations

Creating brochures is expensive, and NOT recommended as a way to inform the community aboutthe emergency operations plan.

  • False

Senior citizens are a valuable source of volunteers.

  • True

Public awareness campaigns accomplish which one of the following?

  • Address hazards that may potentially affect your community

Emergency operations plans should not be tested in advance, so that responders will react with additional energy and not be complacent.

  • True

Which is NOT a method of reducing the impact of floods on animals?

  • Identifying cost-effective methods of disposing of animal carcasses

During a disaster, information about a temporary animal shelter:

  • Should be conveyed to the public by the Public Information Officer to ensure a coordinated and consistent message.

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